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TEXCAL is a unique new concept from the people at Advantex Technology Solutions LLP created to propel the textile industry into a new age of efficiency and cohesion. Imagine a tool in the hands of every technical and commercial personnel capable of synchronising and aiding performance, planning and updating all relevant areas of your daily work. A tool that takes over your need for extensive technical journals, regular commercial documentation of standard activities and speeds up your daily reporting.


The textile industry is one of the oldest organised industries known and it comes as no surprise that now there are long established standards in every area of its activities.

Following these standards like production calculations, planning, performance assessment and settings are time consuming for experts and expensive to train but nevertheless a requirement. The objective of any new product is to save time and cost. TEXCAL does this by simply making these mundane but critical operations faster and easier by bringing the essential tools required by professionals.


TEXCAL can aid managers to plan, calculate and make decisions in real time with accuracy whereas trainees can learn faster and more reliably saving costs to their company. Owners can effectively plan production and sale targets as well as obtain economical sourcing for ancillaries. Professionals and merchants can assess markets and determine if their dealing is the most lucrative or not with a simple click of a few buttons.


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The application has been designed keeping in mind the objectives and closely co-ordinating with industry experts for introducing a comprehensive set of features unique only to TEXCAL.

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